Why did you form the WestTUC Community Alliance?

The WestTUC Community Alliance was formed to provide an opportunity for west TUC residents and others to receive current information about the Heartland Transmission Project and other high voltage transmission projects being proposed in the province, and to provide an opportunity for people to provide their feedback to elected officials, decision makers and other stakeholders.

Why didn't you just join RETA?

We believe it is better and more effective for the west TUC to contribute to the current discussion about the Heartland Transmission Project as the west TUC. 

Isn't RETA's west TUC "sub-committee" good enough to represent the west TUC?

We don't know how such a structure will work out. One of the biggest reasons we established the WestTUC Community Alliance was to help to ensure the voice of the west TUC continues to be heard and to give people a choice.  We also believe it is a good thing to have more people involved.

However, the simplest answer to this question is that it is our right as private citizens to remain involved in this fight, on our own terms.

We donated funds at the west TUC Community Update meeting at WECA on September 21. Where did that money go?

RETA has retained all of the donations taken that day.

Should I join the WestTUC Community Alliance?

The decision to join a society is a personal choice. There should be more to membership than merely adding your name to a list.  There needs to be a commitment to the mission, values and principles of the society. The most important consideration for you should be where will my membership benefit me the most.

How have people been responding to your decision to establish the Alliance?

Over 98% of the responses have been positive. We sent out a general email and did not ask people to respond if they wanted to stay in touch with us, but many did, and even took the time to thank us. That was heartening. 

Of the few negative responses that we received, some thought it appropriate to threaten, name call and question our integrity. Not only is this hurtful, it is inappropriate.  We feel strongly that we made the right choice in establishing the Alliance to ensure the voice of the west TUC continues to be heard.

So what's going to be different about your fight going forward?

We want to be flexible. We know that an overhead double circuit 500KV AC power line 20 storeys high and 135 feet wide for the Heartland Transmission Project is not reasonable. While we have spent a lot of time talking about burying the line wherever it may end up (if it ends up anywhere), it may or may not be feasible to do so, for any number of reasons. We therefore need people to ask if this line is necessary at all and to be ready to get involved - if necessary - with the next level of the approval stage.

We want the west TUC to have a strong and organized voice and we want to ensure that all sides of this debate are heard. Without a strong voice, the west TUC could be considered an easy target for an overhead double circuit 500kV power line.   

Questions? Feedback?

Email us at info@westtuc.org or westtuc@gmail.com

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