Can You Help with Petitions?

08/10/2009 09:49

We are looking for volunteers to collect signatures for our petition.

If you can help us out, download this petition and follow these instructions when you solicit signatures:

  1. Ensure that the individual prints his or her name clearly - if the name cannot be verified, the signature is useless.
  2. Complete the address in full (address, city, province and postal code) on every line; do not use "ditto" marks for members of the same household.
  3. Confirm that the person signing is over 18 years of age.

Signed petition pages can be dropped off at McClung MLA David Xiao's office at #301, 6650 177 Street, Edmonton, T5T 4J5 (phone: 780-408-1860).  

NOTE: If you are able to assist with this, we ask that you contact us first to let us know what area you plan to work in.


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