Donations Needed

23/11/2009 10:07

Members of the WestTUC Community Alliance have been conducting a widespread awareness campaign about the Heartland Transmission Project since this past June.  We have done so without any monetary assistance to date, but we have arrived at the point where it is necessary to ask for funds in order to continue with our efforts and to be ready for possible intervener action.

If you feel that we have provided a valuable service to you and your community, please consider sending us a donation - whatever you feel is appropriate that you can afford (no amount is too small) - to ensure that those of us along the west TUC remain prepared to act if we are named as a preferred or alternate route for the Heartland Transmission Project.

For your convenience, we have added a secure credit card option via Paypal to make your donations online. 

Cash or cheques can be sent to the WestTUC Community Alliance Society, P.O. Box 67304, Hawkstone RPO, Edmonton, AB T6M 0J5


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