Bill 50 

“Bill 50 deliberately undermines and takes away thoughtful analysis and evidence-based decisions on our power future.” - Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann  

Bill 50 will play an important role in the outcome of any power project in the Province of Alberta, including the Heartland Transmission Project.

Please inform yourself about this important proposed legislation by reviewing the information provided by the government at this link:

On the above page, you can download a copy of the bill itself.

Nov 4th All Party Standing Committee on Resources and the Environment

On November 4, 2009, presentations were made to the "All Party Standing Commitee on Resources and the Environment."  Despite the agenda, all presentations and questions centred on transmission infrastructure in the context of the proposed Bill 50. Click here to read about the proceedings.

Alberta Liberals Hotline

From the Alberta Liberals' website:

"This fall, the Stelmach administration will attempt to ram Bill 50 through the Legislature. Bill 50 takes away the rights of Albertans to have a say over the construction of new electricity infrastructure. Not only is the Premier taking away your say - the Stelmach administration’s plans to build billions of dollars worth of new power lines and force consumers to pay 100% of the cost will raise every Albertan’s power bill by hundreds of dollars a year. Call our toll free number, 1-888-886-2834, and tell us your feelings on Bill 50, the importance of genuine public consultation, or rising electricity costs. Record a question you’d like us to ask the Premier or his cabinet on your behalf. We'll ask the best questions in the Legislature, so that Premier Stelmach and his cabinet understand that Albertans have a say in the issues that affect them."

Edmonton City Council Motion

On October 20, 2009, the City of Edmonton issued a motion for the mayor to "formally request to Premier Stelmach and Minister Knight that a public hearing on power transmission and Bill 50 be conducted in the City of Edmonton as soon as possible by the appropriate regulatory body (bodies)". 


Enmax has set up an excellent resource about the ramifications of Bill 50, including a petition. You can view their information by going to the top of our Links page.

Bill 50 in the News

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