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The WestTUC Community Alliance was formed by concerned citizens living along the west Transportation and Utility Corridor (TUC) in the greater metropolitan Edmonton area.West TUC Transmission Tower We came together to give the west TUC a strong voice of opposition to an overhead double circuit 500KV alternating current power line near homes and schools.

Our goal is to convince the Government of Alberta to reconsider the manner in which the Heartland Transmission Project intends to transport power to the Upgrader Alley region northeast of Edmonton. 

We advocate transparency of information and intent, open and honest consultation with stakeholders regarding need, and the application of safe and responsible power transmission technology. 


Concerns in Upgrader Alley

18/09/2010 21:50
More and more people are questioning the need for the power lines put forward by the Heartland Transmission...

Taller Towers to Your Liking?

18/08/2010 11:37
No? Then make sure you attend one of the remaining Tower Information Sessions and let the Heartland...

AUC Process Update

03/08/2010 16:42
The Alberta Utilities Commission issued a process update on August 3, 2010 that confirms the expected...
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