Heartland Transmission Project UPDATE

02/12/2009 17:28

The Heartland Transmission Project team has released some up to date information about the project in the form of their November newsletter, accessible via this link to their website.

The report states that a preferred and alternate route will be named in "early 2010", to be followed by another round of consultations and open houses. 

This newsletter provides stakeholders with updates on key topics of interest such as electric and magnetic fields (EMF). Information also includes:

  • Potential option for underground transmission lines;
  • Potential environmental impacts;
  • Right-of-way compensation; and
  • Potential property value impacts *
  • Proposed project timeline
  • Current and future public consultation activities underway

* "Previous studies have indicated that transmission lines have either a small or no discernable impact on property values, and that where an effect is found, it tends to diminish rapidly with distance from the line and to dissipate over time.

The June 2009 Open House summary report is also available for download and includes past information about the project.


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