RETA Slams Us

01/11/2009 10:31

"RETA West" - under the name of the Coalition of West End Communities for Burying the Line - has posted an accusatory message about us on the front page of its website. This is an example of why we decided that it was best for us to remain separate from RETA.

While the message isn't worthy of a word by word response, we would like to clarify for the record that we have not done anything inappropriate or illegal regarding sign in sheets from the Sept 21st west TUC community awareness meeting. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has confirmed this.

The founding members of the WestTUC Community Alliance have worked very hard to protest the use of overheard lines near homes and schools anywhere. Yet, in a mean-spirited move, RETA/Coalition has decided to make us the main topic of its fight against the Heartland Transmission Project. We would like to request that this "school yard bullying" stop, and for all of our energies to be re-directed to the task at hand. We ask RETA to stop focusing on what they think our organization is or does. (If they are so interested, they should read our mission, values and principles.) Have the courtesy to respect the fact that our contributions have helped and are continuing to help the overall cause, no matter what route is ultimately chosen. 

NOTE: Within 24 hours of us posting this article, the offending post was moved from the home page back to their ABOUT US page.


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