We Live Again!

03/10/2009 18:27

Welcome to the fresh new look of the WestTUC Community Alliance!

After some re-organization, we are feeling re-energized and ready to head back to work.  Please bookmark this new site at westTUC.ORG for your personal reference and send a message out to your friends and neighbours to do the same.

If you find anything amiss or have suggestions and feedback about the site, send an email to web@westtuc.org.

Can You Help?

Donate Funds or Services

We are all volunteers behind this effort and have not had the benefit of any donated funds. Everything that we have accomplished to date has been done on our own dime. We need money for basic office administration. Donations of paper and photocopying services would be very much appreciated. Please email us if you can provide any funds or donations for this purpose. Contributions can be made online with your credit card via Paypal for your convenience.

Volunteer Your Time to Educate Others

We can always use more people out there to help us circulate our petition or just talk to others and spread awareness. If you have some time to spare out of your busy day, we will be more than happy to fill it! 

Increase Our Visibility

Help us reach out to all of the communities along the west TUC. If you know the people responsible for the community newsletter in your area, send them a message with our website address (westTUC.ORG) and help increase our visibility. If you have a business located along the west TUC and you have a website, add a link to ours. If you can somehow arrange for some free advertising, send us an email - we'd love to know what you can do for us.


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